Living area: a welcoming and functional space

In a society with a constantly evolving furniture style, the living area becomes the place that must serve a variety of purposes and it is, therefore, necessary to create an inviting and comfortable space, as it is designated to both warmly welcome the family during the moments of relaxation and to host and entertain relatives and friends in a welcoming and optimal way. The living area is the most commonly used part of the house and that in which we spend most of our time: watching TV, reading, talking, playing, working, relaxing and receiving guests

In many cases, in order to further improve its functionality, the living area is placed in such a way to be directly linked to outdoor spaces, be it a terrace, balcony, garden or loggia. This allows, once the windows are open, to expand the space and make everything even more comfortable, innovative and original.

But, let’s look more specifically at how to furnish this part of the house in order to create different functional spaces, albeit in the same environment, designated for different activities to be carried out either all together or in perfect privacy when desired. In order to achieve a flawless result, it is necessary to follow the first golden rule, and that is, to entrust yourself to a reliable and top quality store that can offer the best of design expertise and experience, for an original and impeccable decor. In this regard, we would like to recommend some ideas on how to create your perfect living area with the help of the right selection of our furnishing accessories carefully chosen from various available models.

Living area: how to best furnish it

In order to create an efficient and functional living area, it is essential to furnish it with utmost attention to detail, and thus provide a living space suitable for at least two different household groups, so that they can carry out different activities without any discomfort. This way it can serve as both a dining and hospitality area, a study and work area, a reading and conversation area or a relaxation area. All this can be achieved through a thorough assessment of the available space and the identification of the most suitable furniture type.

For instance, if you want to create an open space between the living area and the kitchen, we recommend a kitchen featuring a comfortable breakfast bar or peninsula counters, ideal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This part of the room would also be greatly enhanced by the addition of an area dedicated to relaxation, conversation and reading, preferably featuring specific equipped walls.

Importance of lighting

With regard to the general lighting system, the main goal is to find a perfect combination between ceiling and floor lamps, and thus provide the continuity of lighting throughout different spaces of the living area. For example, the part of the area designated for dining or meal preparations should be made functional by means of the lighting systems installed from above, which would highlight the color of the food without imposing any difficulty in visibility and allow pleasant conversations between dining companions.

It should be pointed out that floor lamps should not be the only type chosen to illuminate the entire living area; they should be rather considered a valuable complement to existing general lighting of the environment.

Finally, one last tip is the one that concerns living areas that are connected to garden and terrace through the window doors: in this case, the ideal lighting solution would be to install elegant and bright lights such as Globo outdoor lamps, available in Atmosfera showroom, in medium or large size, depending on your specific needs.

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