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A perfect symbiosis of Architecture and Nature

Clientโ€™s desire was to construct a double storey villa with a basement floor immersed in the greenery of Val Seriana hills. The villa is in perfect harmony with its surroundings, merging with the garden as if it were a part of it. An impressive interplay of shapes and materials interconnects the elements by means of colours and lines, creating a balanced whole through the contiguous coexistence of stone, glass and sand-coloured walls. 

Natural colours and materials such as wood, stone and concrete, are used to create a sense of continuity nothing less than unique. The house appears as integral part of the space that envelops it, without detaching itself in any way from the garden, which, in turn features elements devoid of any form of artificiality: there are no flower beds or bushes, only grass interrupted by sporadic presence of some spontaneously growing plants, offering a natural and unanticipated effect.

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Although the house is the result of a thorough planning process, nothing in it is forced or excessive; everything seems to interact continuously with the garden and the surrounding greenery, as if it were nature itself that shaped it. 

The client wanted his home not to appear at odds with the surroundings, as it is often the case with houses featuring excessively contemporary design, yet he wanted it to be equipped with a structure not at all traditional or conventional; all without affecting the necessary comfort intended for its residents.

Shortly, a house worthy of a magazine cover, yet not too lavish, capable of surprising but without twists for their own sake – a house that amazes only by its harmony with land from which it emerges, as if it always belonged there. The client also desired a perfect balance between external and internal lines, so that the entire house would reflect the feeling of modernity without affecting its functionality. As already mentioned, the house was not designed to feature intentionally extreme architecture, as the habitability aspect was of fundamental importance.

We can say – without fear of being proven wrong – that our client’s objectives have been fully respected, both for exteriors and interiors. Architect Miriam Cortinovis designed the exteriors, managing to create a harmonious, yet eye-catching structure, with grandeur that is art and magic at the same time.

We are definitely speaking about an avant-garde villa, dominated by a carved out stone agora that brings natural light to the basement as well as to the interiors. All areas in the house are filled with light thanks to large sliding windows and specific wall cuts.

Nothing seems to interrupt the continuity of the construction, and even the choice of materials amplifies this impression: stone, wood, concrete, glass, metal, everything is balanced down to the finest detail to achieve a prominent yet unobtrusive style. The lines are exquisitely minimal and geometric, and still, the final effect is not as cold as one might expect; on the contrary, it is warm and welcoming thanks to the extreme symmetry that dominates and distinguishes the design.

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Interiors feature the same clean lines conceived and implemented for the exteriors, natural materials and warm, yet bright tones: the resulting space is clean and tidy, far from the cold feeling often associated with ultra-modern ambiances. 

You may notice that a pleasant synergy between exteriors and interiors is the inspiring concept for this villa, also in terms of selected materials and colours: the end result gives the feeling of perfect harmony not only between the different shapes but also in the overall atmosphere. 

In particular, we note how the use of glass, which appears externally on the first floorโ€™s parapet as well as in numerous sliding windows, contributes to an effect of great affinity between indoor and outdoor spaces. The common thread of the entire construction is to be sought in its minimal lines: they are the real protagonists of all spaces, whether internal or external.

We immediately notice the prominent role played by the lighting: we are talking about the natural one that filters through tailor-made wall cuts and through large windows, as well as the artificial one that has been thoroughly planned and implemented. More generally, we can state that light helps to emphasize various architectural elements of great value giving them the power of rare beauty. 

Moreover, note how wooden floors featured throughout the house bring more cohesion to the entire structure. Noteworthy are also the furnishing accessories that appear light and unobtrusive with their minimal and pure lines: for example, large glazed areas are ideally framed by very simple white curtains.

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Living area

The kitchen represents a magnificent compendium of modernity and functionality. Made entirely of glass by Valcucine, it is an ode to lightness and brightness, for an aesthetically perfect but also profoundly technological result. It features captivating design solutions, such as the New Logica System: we are talking about the upper lift-up door and the lower sliding door that, when positioned around the sink, create an equipped wall that can be revealed only when necessary. Worth mentioning are geometrically composed artificial ceiling lights that instil order and rigor as well as lightness; in addition to curtains that discreetly conceal the windows, but are always ready to open when needed.

The central island equipped with a large countertop and snack area accentuates the sense of lightness, while also providing plenty of space to store whatever you want, thanks to the cabinets and drawers without handles. Another truly remarkable detail is the boiserie in canaletto walnut, which integrates refrigerators, pantries and column oven; it favours orderliness and echoes wood, the latter being the main protagonist of both the interiors and the exteriors of the villa.

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Dining area catches the eye with its disarming simplicity where elements of great value and design, like wallpaper with geometric patterns, splendid chandeliers, or light points that seem sewn into the wall, truly stand out. Everything is united under a common goal of accentuating lightness and elegance of the whole, through sober and linear forms of furnishings that do not distract the eye from architectural and lighting elements.

Extreme sobriety, but not a characterless space: everything here is meticulously planned, as part of a whole where there is no room for arbitrary choices. 

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Sleeping area

Much like throughout the whole house, in the bedrooms we find references to the other rooms: starting from the wood, used both for floorings and furnishings, through glass, discreetly hidden by light curtains and ending with artificial lights that frame every detail. Sliding doors and boiseries are other remarkable design elements. Besides, doors delimiting the master bedroom and childrenโ€™s bedroom feature a truly special selection of integrated LED lights. 

The rooms are geometric and regular, as emphasized by lighting, yet the overall impression is warm and welcoming, thanks to neutral colour tones chosen for furniture and furnishings. In addition, the walk-in wardrobe in canaletto walnut echoes the kitchen boiseries.

The bathrooms are also subject to the interplay of allusions present throughout the entire dwelling: geometric LED lights embrace furnishing solutions featuring essential design and unique components. One of these is the shower with chromotherapy (in the service bathroom) that goes perfectly well with a painting featuring jellyfish, infusing a pleasant aura of peace and relaxation and a feeling of extreme elegance. It is truly magical to perceive that jellyfish themselves seem to dance as the colour of the lights changes.

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The staircase is simply magnificent: it is a suspended structure detached from the wall. Levity blends with architectural knowledge to create something truly unique, emphasized by a glass parapet that seems to vanish, by Cattelani & Smith chandelier and by wall recessed LED lights.  It leads to the basement with a cellar worthy of a restaurant, where glass, together with interplay of light and shadow, reigns supreme.

The entire building is dominated by strong, but never cumbersome lighting. Whether the light filters through strategic wall cuts, infuses the rooms through windows, or is conveyed by LED lights or chandeliers, it is one of the main protagonists. As if the house were a painting that we looked at from the outside with a glass filter acting as a screen; we realize that we are undoubtedly dealing with a work of art in all respects. We shall also highlight the functionality of spaces and furnishings that make this house not only beautiful but also extremely comfortable for those who live in it. Therefore, we can only applaud the authors of this masterpiece, and namely the architects and interior designers, who have contributed, with their great professionalism and competencies, to turn customer’s dreams into a splendid reality.

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