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Elegance and lightness in every detail

In the heart of a lovely borough of Bergamo, the attic is elevated to the role of a primary residence, a beautiful space where you can experience relaxing and comfortable moments away from the frenzy of everyday life. As welcoming as a warm embrace, its renovation began with the aim of converting a desolate place into a living space by leveraging every detail to create environments where you can feel good about yourself and happy with your loved ones.

The project of the apartment kept the homeowner’s preferences at the forefront and identified a completely exclusive and original design solution that would perfectly match her managerial personality. The unusual placement of the furniture underlines the expression of our client’s taste and attains the specific rarity of a masterpiece. Skilful use of wood, crystal, glass and metal, manifests the desire to combine practicality and comfort with an elegant and classy design, without affecting high functionality provided by cutting-edge technologies.

Project Chance

Dining area

The attic, converted into a habitable space through renovation with a great attention to detail, accommodates a contemporary living area where selected materials evoke vivid emotions.

The bright space is the result of an essential and modern design philosophy, aimed at fully welcoming minimalist and contemporary design capable of capitalizing on all the corners that are generally inaccessible in an attic.

The sophisticated idea of bringing the kitchen and the living area to the level of the attic, and leaving the sleeping area on the lower floor, was undoubtedly a stroke of genius. The open space captivates instantly with its exceptionally elegant design. It accommodates a kitchen and a living room emphasizing a living area with strong personality achieved through perfect cohesion of a refined mix of lightings and materials.

The decision to install four skylights, in order to lighten the environment, turned out to be the perfect one, accentuating the combination of the wooden beam featuring original classic appearance and modern LED lights. Daylight freely reaches every corner of the living area, while at night, it is the LED profiles that illuminate the environment: the interplay of light emerges in luminous continuity, in a crisscross cut, linear and clean, that skilfully recalls the geometry of the ceiling. Besides, the sliding door that provides the access to the terrace allows for even more natural daylight to reach every corner of the space.

Cattelan table, immense and with rounded edges, is the protagonist of the living room. It stands out with its transparent crystalline resoluteness capturing the gaze not only of those who live in the house but also of arriving guests. Resting on a sturdy and solid metal structure, the glass top shows good resistance, making it very reliable in convivial moments and on important occasions.

Project Chance


In the kitchen area, the innovative lifestyle impact is given by the composition with peninsula and kitchen tower units, connotative and eye-catching elements. The dining area is well defined but not completely separated from the living room making the cohesion of materials, very artfully combined, clearly evident. 

Tempered glass is the leading material of Artematica Vitrum by Valcucine kitchen, conceived for the space dedicated to culinary expression and recipes. This oasis of the homeowner, who is herself a passionate lover of cuisine, comes from the ancient tradition of glass masters: the culture of beauty takes shape in glassy lines and in obsessive attention to every detail committed to making every element precious and irreplaceable.

Shapes of kitchen cabinets are peculiar in their wide versatility and rigorous functionality, their bevelled edge provides an instant finger pull on a kitchen cabinetry door, a handleless solution for a linear and harmonious look. Aesthetic appeal and practical functionality are well combined to allow maximum cleanliness and hygiene, reiterating the concept of splendour that the glass itself has always emanated. Energetic and vital, the lively peninsula with jumbo drawers boasts attractive bronze finishes: its angle has been specifically designed to create harmonious convivial moments between those behind the stove and those sitting in the snack area.

Certainly, a comfortable home open to innovation cannot be devoid of the latest generation household appliances, well integrated into the open kitchen tower unit in dark-stained oak. Built-in refrigerator, oven and blast chiller perform the task they were intended for: in addition to being practical and resistant, they offer extensive functions, becoming essential accomplices for their high performance. 

The double pantry is undoubtedly spacious enough, it is useful for stocks but also rather indispensable for all cuisine lovers keeping every ingredient always at hand.

The oak countertop echoes the intense style of the kitchen tower units and gracefully accommodates hob, sink, and the equipped area. Total comfort is ensured in the washing area, deliberately positioned in the lowest part of the room in order to maximize the space and to make the living room functional. Ceiling mounted hood featuring linear and practical design flawlessly completes the environment.

The furniture in the living area is masterfully complemented by a wine display. It is a furniture item made entirely in the Atmosfera in-house laboratory, in line with our design philosophy. Wine bottles are suspended from the custom made vertical glass slab that leans against the wall. The slab is made of extra clear glass and features different-coloured holes corresponding to various wine colour gradients, ensuring that each bottle of red, white or rosé has its specific place as well as providing an enticing solution for ideal wine storage.

Refin porcelain stoneware flooring was selected for its original fabric-textured finishes that evoke naturalness and class. The two-millimetre joints perfectly match the colour and blend with the linearity of the large tiles, thus offering an ample and bright walkable surface.

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