Project Overtime

An open air created to unite and generate a harmony of senses

Project Overtime reflects a new way of living where nothing is left to chance and everything has a precise order. The main goal was to prioritize efficiency by preferring natural lighting in order to ensure maximum practicality. Architectural elements are positioned in a way that they do not place any visual obstacle between the external space and the interiors. All this without neglecting the importance of privacy, especially referring to the accurate division between the day and night zones, by means of an armoured door, installed to provide greater security.ย 

The client requested a project of exclusive design with masterfully distributed spaces, which would allow him to take refuge without losing sight of the sense of convivial hospitality. His strong desire was to create a bright villa with a swimming pool, an open space consisting of a kitchen, dining and relaxation areas, bedrooms with personal bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes.

Unlike what happens in many other contexts, the air of serenity that reigns in Villa Modena is always constant, starting from the outside and engulfing the sleeping area. This is probably another great strength of the property, built with a lot of passion and precision, aiming to offer a result performed in a workmanlike manner and in compliance with specific needs. 

Emerging contrasts are altogether sober and pleasant, but above all, they bestow a unique and easily recognizable style to the entire structure. In fact, all those who enter the villa are greeted by a spacious area, in which enveloping colours, as well as furnishings that shape a light and modular atmosphere, immediately catch the eye. Once inside, it will be possible to appreciate the charm of the modern style in its most graceful declension that combines windows, lights, comfortable design furniture and much more.

Today, Overtime is a place filled with charm featuring pure and sophisticated lines, thus invoking unique emotions and granting moments of peace and relaxation. Our clientโ€™s needs were fully satisfied at every stage of interaction: starting from a 3D design that made it possible to avoid possible mistakes at an early stage, to the benefit of the delivering schedule and in full compliance with all customerโ€™s requests.

Utilizing 3D renderings of materials and finishes provided the client with a reliable representation of the details within the design that, together with animation of various virtual scenes, involved the client in the transformation of exteriors and interiors. Step by step, his dream turned into reality. 

Project Overtime


Structure consists of two floors and its external area evokes traditional Romagna farmhouses. In fact, the faรงade is covered with red bricks, played down by wooden brise-soleils.

The latter have been installed in front of the terrace that overlooks the pool and feature a comfortable sliding opening system. The decision to use shading systems permitted to increase the overall living comfort and added a pinch of modernity that does not appear excessive.

In fact, these shading panels block sunlight efficiently without obstructing the airflow completely. The opportunity to personalize the colour of brise-soleils permitted to create a perfect match with that of the faรงade, thus averting the discord that would have compromised the aesthetic value of the final result.

The outdoor furniture elements, signed B&B OUTDOOR, were arranged on both sides of the house enhancing a convivial and suggestive ambiance, together with the adjacent swimming pool that, with the tones and reflections of blue, evokes an atmosphere of absolute serenity. The outdoor area enables you to indulge in blissful relaxation thanks to the comfort of its circular sofas enriched with soft seats and rectangular backrest cushions. 

External lighting stands out as well, characterized by a chrome-plated lamppost that delimits the beginning of a wooden walkway. This pleasant walkway, in addition to partially circumscribing the edge of the pool, acts as a functional passage to the house entrance, resembling an elegant and natural plank carpet.

It feels like being in a true oasis of peace, where you can regenerate the mind and the body, unplug after a hard day at work, or spend free time with the loved ones and guests. The spaces are further delimited by planters, raised flower beds, borders and plants creating the sense of balance and harmony.

Project Overtime


Once inside the house, the contrast with the outside becomes perceptible and very fascinating too. In fact, we leave the warm colours behind to enter a distinctly natural context, in which all rooms are still connected to each other by a small touch of red. The latter is the leitmotif of the entire project and helps create a pleasant sense of continuity throughout the whole villa.

Red is also the colour of the entrance door which, when open, will allow you to admire a luxury crystal handmade chandelier, specifically chosen to add notes of rigor to the whole, and which never succumbs into sheer opulence; it simply adds elegance and creates a strikingly beautiful luminous waterfall.

The interiors are fluidly interconnected, without any visual or stylistic contrast that could go out of tune or become boring over time. The feeling of uniformity is also emphasized by the furnishings, starting from the Alivar wall unit featuring mounted TV. This element of furniture looks like a transparent niche with inserted shelves. The whole is delimited by a track that allows the sliding of the glass doors.

Also the choice of the wall unit was subject to careful assessment, as, upon closer observation, it can be easily noticed that the style of the Alivar complement does nothing more but recall that of the windows, as well as of the full-height sliding doors that have been installed in numerous cases and where it was feasible to replace the internal walls.

A subdivision by means of a glass door is what happened between the kitchen and the dining room, furnishings designed respectively by Dada and Maxalto. Timber meets timeless neutral tones of the kitchen that develops vertically and features a ceiling panelling that conceals shelves for storing objects, containers, roll out drawers and hooks for kitchen utensils.

The main module, on the other hand, not only accommodates the cooking area and sink, but also offers enough counter space for food preparation. The goal was to provide an immediately accessible functional surface for kitchen operations and also to enhance the room with an element of aesthetic value.

Dining room, where neutral shades dominate as well, is enriched with a wooden table and dining chairs featuring contrasting white seats. At this point of the house, the wall that serves as a casket to enclose the sliding door was used to recover additional space, and therefore to recreate niches displaying furnishing objects with great visual impact.

Upstairs is the sleeping area, where you can continue to revel in the same aura of peace and tranquillity as in the living area. Once again, the choice of materials, furnishings and finishes required a meticulous evaluation. For example, Redaelli beds featuring minimalist upholstered structure and wooden feet, together with the draperies of the curtains and the textures of the boiseries, favour levity and induce relaxation.

Set of selected design solutions does not affect the practicality much desired by the client himself, already at the stage of 3D visualizations. In this regard, each bedroom has its own bathroom, decorated with mosaics and washbasins featuring a peculiar circular shape. In addition, walk-in wardrobes were made to measure by the expert hands of the craftsmen who collaborate with our creative laboratory.ย 

There are many design factors that make Villa Modena so special, among which it is worth mentioning the wise use of natural lighting, as it makes the whole house exceptionally efficient, beautiful and welcoming at any season. Furniture is framed by large lift and slide doors, which in addition to ensuring plenty of light and the ease of use, highlight the bright colours of the outside without compromising that strong sense of interior clarity.

Windows and doors that combine technology, aesthetics and the use of high-quality raw materials were the key factors for the success of this project. Furthermore, they feature high acoustic and thermal performances, require low maintenance and perfectly integrate specific furnishing needs. 

In conclusion, everything that has been created fully complies with our clientโ€™s requests and has been accomplished through strong synergy between professionals of Atmosfera Arredamento and Carminati Serramenti. Special thanks go to our client, who decided to turn the dream villa with a unique style into a reality destined to astonish over time.

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