Sleeping area: harmony and relaxation for more private spaces

Sleeping area represents the intimate space of the house dedicated to oneself and to rest. Sleeping is certainly one of our most important needs and it is essential to create a relaxing environment and harmonious atmosphere. Bespoke furniture, which can feature either modern or classic style, can make a difference by adding a touch of elegance and design through unique and personal elements, in order to create a clean, orderly and calm environment.

First of all, it will be important to better organize the spaces by completing the furniture with all the necessary elements inside the bedroom, such as dressers, bedside tables and chests of drawers. Compared to the large bedrooms typical of the 80s, the sleeping area nowadays is conceived as a more welcoming and functional environment. An important choice will concern the colors of the walls and coatings, essential for adding the right lighting and the indispensable warmth to your bedroom.

The bed should reflect your personality and design taste, while other furniture elements should be related to each other to add a modern touch to the whole environment. 

When choosing your wardrobe, it is very important to determine the available space in order to choose the right number of doors and decide whether to choose a hinged or sliding door model.

Organization of compartments inside the wardrobe will also be important as it will allow you to better arrange your clothes and give your closet a neat look, making it easier to find everything quickly and efficiently.

Bedroom furniture, i.e. dressers, bedside tables and chests of drawers, are the key elements for creating a more functional environment. Ergonomic solutions will favor the arrangement of clothes, linens and household goods for daily use, while their design will contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the whole room.

Atmosfera Arredamento, with more than 500 square meters of showroom, offers excellent ideas for furnishing the sleeping area, just like any other room in your home. Thanks to the collaboration with many different field professionals, we can satisfy any aesthetic and design need: send us your request directly by filling out the form at the bottom of the page and our qualified staff will always be ready and available to assist you.

With more than a century of experience Atmosfera Arredamento represents a dynamic and creative reality able to create projects of exclusive beauty thanks to the wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise gathered over the years. Able to amaze with furnishing solutions for any room in the house, our expert architects and designers will advise and accompany you in all your choices to enrich your home with elegance and harmony. Thanks to our skilled craftsmen, the splendor of wood will be enhanced with modern shapes and designs, while our in-house laboratory will make it possible to satisfy any customer need.

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