Prestigious modular systems and compositions

In more than a century of its history, the Atmosfera brand developed an analytical and creative eye towards the most current furnishing trends, offering 3D architectural rendering and design services completely made-to measure and tailored to your space requirements and to your aesthetic preferences. That also applies to the Complementary Bedroom Furniture series, which fully utilizes modular systems and compositions to intelligently manage the sleeping area and enhance even the smallest available space.

When it comes to the bedroom, wardrobe is one of the most important furniture elements. In recent years, thanks to the constant quest for ever more innovative design, this piece of furniture gave way to smart module solutions and highly effective space-saving strategies such as consoles, accessory shelves, drawer units, sideboards and wall units. Complementary bedroom furniture is the most effective space-saving solution both, in the bedroom and in the walk-in closet that creates a sort of continuum with the furniture selection and the design style of the room.

Balance and harmony through geometric rigor

When speaking about the most popular interior design trends, we can observe a general preference for essential lines, sober, neat, conceived in a way that lightens the shape until the item reaches its pure structure and raw material

These criteria can also be applied to the elements of complementary bedroom furniture, including chest of drawers and sideboards that act as parallelepipeds, rectangles and squares with 90 Β° straight lines, so geometric as to become almost stylized.

Despite being rigorous, these design solutions ensure extreme lightness and an almost suspended feeling. These two effects are obtained thanks to a skilful use of solids and voids, open compartments and recesses, and the interplays of chiaroscuro that shape the form based on the substance.

The word design entered the everyday language, but perhaps not everyone perceives its real meaning which concerns drawing, layouts, space planning with the end goal of combining aesthetic appeal and functionality of the area. In doing so, sideboards, visible consoles and sliding modular compositions are created. These are the elements that can imbue any bedroom with lightness and style, through the charm of the materials used and through captivating and original compositional experimentation, in full minimal chic mood.

Complementary bedroom furniture vs walk-in closet

Depending on the type of room, it’s possible to choose a different mood. If the bedroom is conceived as a private space that preserves one’s privacy, the walk-in closet or wardrobe can be studied with a more extroverted eye through open compartments, consoles and unstructured visible object-holder rails, in which you can display your accessories to always have them at your fingertips.

An idea that comes from a real need

Thanks to its team of experienced and qualified architects and designers, Atmosfera provides its customers with tailor-made services: each design solution is implemented to satisfy real space and size requirements, without overlooking the aesthetics and the latest interior design trends.

Personalized planning and 3D rendering offers each customer the possibility to be personally involved in the design of his home, from the choice of materials to its final realization.

Atmosfera collaborates with brands, companies and different field professionals to offer a 100% multifaceted and complete product that can be enjoyed and experienced at 360 Β°. A beautiful home with all-round living spaces, attractive and functional, made with prestigious and cutting-edge materials: this is the paramount mission of the leading company in furniture and construction. Ask for a quote to decorate your home and customize every single space through a project that will involve you and will consider all your needs and preferences, the living environment and environmental resources, while guided by an eco-sustainable and refined approach.

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