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Beds are among the most important pieces of furniture. The notion of “a place to rest” has ancient origins and beds have existed since the time of the Egyptians, featuring rectangular wooden shapes that recall the current ones.The concept of a bed has evolved throughout history. It has progressed through different shapes and meanings up to the extravagances of the β€˜900s with Archigram and their architectural utopias. This group of avant-garde architects has completely overthrown the concept of bed; they were focused predominantly on the idea of the “satisfaction of natural needs” of a complex society like the one of last century, committed to high tech and survival technologies, while leaving the idea of well-being and comfort completely unaddressed.

Far from the Archigram concepts, today we dedicate ourselves, above all, to ensuring maximum well-being and comfort for our customers. We can say that we are not talking just about a “furniture item”, but about the ultimate place of rest, where one finds restful sleep and recharges the energies. We spend an average of eight hours per day in bed… it is therefore essential to know how to correctly choose the right one that will perfectly reflect your personal tastes and desires.

There are numerous categories on the market, not only in terms of size but also in terms of types and characteristics. Atmosfera Arredamento provides experienced and qualified planners and interior designers who will take care of your requests and needs, through layouts and interior design renderings that will present the customer with an accurate model of what the finished product will look like. Atmosfera Arredamento also relies on the collaboration of selected technicians and companies to ensure the best results in each field of application.

You can browse a great variety of models and proposals on our website. We offer a wide range of beds to satisfy any need: double, single, beds with storage or bunk beds. A new bed can completely transform the space and give it a fresh look. Besides, some bed types can offer maximum functionality of spaces without abandoning the due aesthetic and visual impact, enriching the room with elegance and harmony. Let’s consider the main varieties in more detail.

Single beds

Ideal for smaller bedrooms or intended for children. Atmosfera Arredamento offers an ample range of choices in terms of dimensions, hardware, and accessories.We offer standard size, French, and custom size beds; beds with storage, upholstered in soft fabrics or in wood – there is the right solution tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer. Our experts pay great attention to detail and will provide updated information through product catalogues showcasing all available options. Whether it’s intended for an adult or a child, Atmosfera Arredamento’s single bed is ideal for better sleep quality and a good night’s rest.

Double beds

Whether it is with storage, standard or French size, the double bed will perfectly suit your needs and preferences. We created multiple solutions that meet the most demanding requests. All options ensure quality, functionality, and comfort. We offer different design types to match the style of other furniture elements. Contact us for a meeting with our experts. You will be able to access our product catalogue and find the best suitable solution for you.

Beds with storage

Available in single and double size, ottoman storage beds are an optimal solution to keep the bedroom tidy with well-organised spaces, without giving up on style. Selecting a storage bed means getting some extra space, which helps keep the room clean, spacious and tidy. It is an ideal option for smaller bedrooms … or the ones with too much linen! Whatever your choice might be, we strongly recommend to always rely on experienced and qualified professionals such as our design experts, who will help you and guide you in furnishing your bedroom.

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