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The living room is the main room of the house, the reception room for visitors and usually the first one you enter when walking through a front door. That is why the choice of living room decor is particularly important: it shall reflect the style and personality of its owners and, at the same time, create a welcoming atmosphere even for strangers.As a space designated for comfort, leisure and moments of familiarity, the living room is generally composed of a few smaller thematic areas for different activities: the seating area with the sofa, the place for the TV, a corner for musical instruments or for reading. Moreover, in the living room it is practically impossible to get rid of something: therefore, it is very important to organize the spaces well before buying any furniture. The solutions shall be individual; it’s not possible to refer to precise standards.

Atmosfera – a company that has been creating wooden artifacts for home furnishings since 1894, can help any customer find the right solution and inspiration to furnish their living room. The wide range of products is accompanied by specifications and technical data sheets that will guide you through the furniture selection process. Furthermore, you will benefit from dedicated consulting services that help you finalize all of your choices and support you throughout the design in all its stages. In addition to the furniture, you can consult the lighting section, to illuminate each space with the right type of lighting.

The staff, experienced in design, will assist the customer with the space divisions, as well as provide assistance in the selection of the right furniture and accessories to furnish your living room, while taking into account the individuality of each client, specific needs, and the concrete possibilities of the environment. Designers and professionals can advise in the selection of individual decorative objects, as well as in the arrangement of spaces.

The stages of creating a dream living room can be laid out as: design layout – choice of objects – lighting. The customer shall clearly know his needs. Subsequently, the experts will assist in making the right selections and in the item arrangements.

Just to name an example, equipped walls, indispensable in a modern living room, can have their components and dimensions customized to best suit the available space and specific customer needs.

For this reason, it is equally important to familiarize yourself with the furniture available in the catalogue, which might help find the right inspiration. One shall not be discouraged by the search for the already perfect piece of furniture; moreover, one should have very clear ideas on what he/she is looking for, in order to later select the most appropriate solution. Namely for this reason, assistance at all stages of the purchase is highly important: before, during, and even after the selection. The customer is supported at every stage, so you can really find what you’re looking for without making compromises that are often unnecessary. Any living room can be realized; you just need to have the right idea and the right experts at your disposal.

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