Project Classic

Leave stress behind and find peace at home

Project Classic was born from our clientโ€™s thought and desire to abandon the life of Milan that is sometimes too hectic, with the purpose to rediscover the well-being and peace in a place where the word “oasis” could be a synonym for the word “home.” The Villa, a colonial house that has undergone a complete renovation, has fulfilled his philosophy of peace and relaxation, and that is when our staff started to design each area, creating not just a simple physical space but a relaxing place for the soul.

From the Villa we have managed to obtain two distinct apartments united by the classic style that also reflects the interiors of the house and is enhanced by the inclusion of some unique pieces owned by the client. 

The two apartments feature different exterior colours while sharing the same aura of relaxation and well-being given by the surrounding greenery, a true oasis where you can find peace and serenity and easily forget the hustle and bustle of the city. A feeling that is found also inside, where customerโ€™s tastes and needs have been united and complemented with design solutions of our staff: practical and functional furniture without too much pomp, offering pure and elegant classic design.

Project Classic

Living area

Completely custom-made kitchens of both apartments, never fail to surprise with their brightness, furniture and well-organized spaces, in which neutral tones are the masters: classic and timeless white for the walls and cream colour with a few touches of glossy white for base and wall units.

The latter do not go unnoticed thanks to the particular processing which highlights their edges and finishes, the details that, when coupled with other furnishing accessories, create a space where aesthetics meets design and comfort. 

The mix between modernity and classics is shaped by the lighting: suspensions that focus their light on the dining table together with recessed false ceiling LED spotlights that amplify the atmosphere of comfort and conviviality.

Large and versatile living area is the place to fully savour true relaxation as well as to experience and share emotions. Feelings that are amplified by large glazed surfaces that allow natural light to illuminate and heat the neighbouring space. Elegant elaborate parquetry, gray leather sofa and coffee table with crystal surface infuse the elegance to the living area, together with various Persian rugs that harmoniously complement the colours and furnishings that feature classic and, at the same time, modern contrasts.

Project Classic

Sleeping area

The bathrooms represent the true essence of elegance. A mix of different marbles combined with each other decorate both the walls and the upper parts of the furniture – a dynamic interweaving obtained by mixing Bianco Calacatta marble, Emperador marble, Giallo Siena and Rosso Verona. The same harmony of colours was also given to the shower that stands out against the background of white walls, giving the bathroom a refined and unique style. The spaces are completed with large mirrors, bathroom fixtures, modern taps and furniture in a beautiful glossy white finish.

The study area, featuring custom-made bookcases that run the entire perimeter, was designed with the idea of โ€‹โ€‹creating structures capable of revolutionizing the entire space making it not only functional, but above all harmonious and evocative. The bookcases offer a variety of compartments and are suitable for storing not only books, but also decorative pieces of all kinds, such as vases or soft toys; and eventually, there are many objects and souvenirs that could find their place in this room intended for reading, and why not, for hobbies such as painting.

Elaborate parquet flooring together with several Persian rugs featuring different motifs and sizes, give an extra touch of elegance and make this fascinating space even livelier.  Modern elements, such as bean bag chairs in bright and lively colours and classic components, such as crystal desks featuring elaborate legs, interact with each other, in a design that provides great personality to the room.

A magnificent painting adorns the staircase leading to the upper floor, where we find the sleeping area, a relaxing environment made even warmer by large windows that allow direct contact with the surrounding nature. Natural light illuminates and brings out the bed featuring soft coloured towering padded headboard, well combined with a large white storage cabinet where all clothes will find the right place. The bedside lamps embellish the room with warmth and lightness.

All rooms in the house are equipped with home automation control systems, which allow the smart management of any space, also remotely. With this solution you can control classic heating and cooling systems, as well as those of lighting and armoured windows and doors, in order to assure homeownerโ€™s greater safety and serenity.

This project was designed to make the rooms of this house perfectly comfortable and welcoming, where warm tones, combinations of wood and glass, and even the finest details give a feeling of harmony in perfect symbiosis with the surrounding landscape. The result is a villa featuring essential and refined design that allows you to enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation in contact with nature, just a few kilometres from Milan.

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