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Kitchen: the most lived-in area

Functionality is perhaps more important in the kitchen than in any other room of the house. Just think about the arrangement of all household appliances and you will realize the importance of the kitchen design and layout.

Kitchens are generally divided into two main categories: classic and modern. However, today this division is not so neat: there are, for example, modular kitchens that allow great flexibility and adaptability of every single component. This simple overview will help guide your choices.

Classic kitchens

They are often made in wood, reproducing a warm and welcoming environment, which is also reflected in the lighting. They feature more important lines, a different visual weight, which, nonetheless, often fits very well into smaller and more familiar spaces.

Modern kitchens

The American style, which has firmly established itself in the design world by now, consists of an open plan kitchen with an island or counter that separates the kitchen from the dining or living room. Modern kitchens can be very different, feature wide lines, aim at minimalism and neutral colours, such as dove gray and black. You can play with materials, including synthetic ones, with stones that interrupt clean lines with interplays of light on the surfaces.

Finally, there is always the possibility of creating your own kitchen with bespoke ad-hoc elements, selected to precisely suit specific space layouts and chosen design styles.

Another important aspect to consider is the lighting of spaces. To some extent, lighting depends on available spaces and the type of house, as it is always preferable to make the most of natural daylight.

In kitchens featuring modern style, you usually opt for spotlights and cool lights: if it is a kitchen with a peninsula, a suspended chandelier represents a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution. Moreover, in an open space, the interplay of lights also serves to delimit spaces. On the other hand, in a classic kitchen, you can either make an important chandelier, which can also act as a beautiful furniture element, your centrepiece, or create a contrast between antique furniture and modern lighting.

Last but not least, it is very important to rely on an expert when designing your kitchen. This is because it is a space that is constantly exposed to temperature variations, so you should always verify walls and roof insulation, in order to avoid thermal dispersion or greater energy consumption of the appliances.

Furthermore, coating materials must be carefully chosen to ensure shock resistance and, most importantly, cold and heat resistance.

Kitchens: custom projects

Whether your kitchen is a small one, or if it serves as your working space, you can make it both beautiful and comfortable, and, at the same time, make sure it perfectly satisfies all your real needs and preferences.

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