The classic that never goes out of style

Atmosfera Arredamento classic kitchen models represent solutions developed and designed for all those who love traditional environments, under the trademark of excellence Made in Italy. Classic kitchens perfectly suit both smaller and larger spaces, and offer visual appeal that will satisfy any aesthetic need. Choosing this kind of product does not mean giving up the currently available technical innovations, but rather enjoying a timeless style that continues to excite.

Classic kitchens furniture

Atmosfera Arredamento offers a wide range of modular classic kitchens and neoclassical kitchens: each of them is the end result of a project whose main goal is choosing the best materials available on the market, in order to offer the customer a product that will last over time. Full customer satisfaction is put at the heart of every project, with the possibility to customize kitchen design according to customer’s personal tastes and habits. Kitchen composition, in fact, is not just a matter of style, but also the quest for maximum functionality, essential for an ideal space dedicated to passion for food and cooking. The goal is to design a comfortable space where you can spend most of your free time and share happy moments with your family and friends.

The great virtue of classic modular kitchens is that they can fit into any environment, allowing you to maximize the available space. Atmosfera Arredamento kitchens are the result of many years of experience in the sector, as well as the commitment to satisfy various individual needs.
The configuration of a classic or a neoclassical kitchen is conducted with the support of sector professionals and consultants, who, by means of a special software, can immediately create a realistic rendering of the end result.

The starting points of each project must be the layout of spaces and kitchen configuration. Regardless of the style and finishes, it is necessary to assess some of the main kitchen layouts: kitchen with island, with peninsula, linear or corner kitchen. You can locate the product you like within these main categories, and then it can be further customized according to your needs and the available space. Once the kitchen layout has been selected, one can proceed with the selection of various kitchen components. At this stage, the choice of materials becomes important too, as it concerns not only aesthetics, but also the longevity of each element. This particularly applies to kitchen countertops, which can be made of laminate, with surface in quartz, porcelain stoneware, wood, marble and a variety of other solutions.

The choice of the countertop can greatly influence some other finishes such as the lines of the doors, the choice of hob, the type of hood, as well as the type of visible appliances such as oven and microwave oven. With the support of an expert that Atmosfera Arredamento puts at your service, the customer can define a composition that is both homogeneous and functional.  At the following stage, the customer will have the possibility to evaluate the chosen composition in multiple shades, in order to select the desired colour. Today, classic modular kitchens offer different hues that can create intriguing contrasts as well as the possibility to add some open elements.

Then again, there are details and accessories, such as handles, eventual door frames, hood style, plinth and countertop coatings, which confer a refined classic style. Furthermore, it might be interesting to combine a classic kitchen with some elements that bring in a touch of other styles, such as country or shabby chic. In short, there are numerous configuration and customization options that enable the creation of extraordinary modular classic kitchens signed by Atmosfera Arredamento.

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