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Our house is our home, an oasis of peace and tranquillity where we find refuge after a long day at work, to relax and recharge our batteries. The kitchen, in particular, is a hub of the home. It is a gathering place for friends and family, favouring functionality and conviviality. Placed at the heart of the attention of Atmosfera Arredamento, a modern kitchen is the place to be shown regardless of whether it remains a separated space or opens up to the living room. Either way, this room shall be a dynamic, functional environment able to suit diverse needs.

Modern kitchen designs

Wood is often the protagonist of modern kitchens, declined in various shades, even subtle ones, and offering chromatic results of strong aesthetic impact. There is no lack of vintage notes and retro touches to characterize the most welcoming kitchens where materials such as glass and steel are often added. Also the choice of finishes deserves special attention. For instance, classic windows, equipped with effortless opening systems, are skilfully combined with contemporary furniture to create pleasant stylistic contrasts.

Despite featuring unusual styles, modern kitchens are beautiful to live in. In this regard, even the industrial kitchens feature the latest design trends. State-of-the-art accessories, alternating volumes, shelves and hidden pantries are just some of the elements that cannot be missing in a truly well-organized kitchen, where you can move easily and cook different meals every day.

Following up on the theme of modern kitchens, high importance is given to made-to-measure solutions, in addition to a wide range of modular solutions. Kitchen cabinets, drawers, tables, doors, work benches and seats are available in a variety of colours and finishes. In addition to a timeless absolute – the white colour, it is also possible to weave new materials and create completely natural worktops, easy to clean, with antimicrobial properties and resistant to thermal shock.

Marble is also making its comeback. It’s especially recommended for those who envision a luxurious and sophisticated kitchen in their house. Moreover, the use of clean and essential lines makes it possible to create an open-plan kitchen that flows easily into the living room, making it fully integrated into a single space without being jarring.

Modern kitchen furniture

It is very difficult to estimate the cost of a new kitchen in advance. It all depends on the type of furniture, its size and the materials used. One should also keep in mind that every modern kitchen allows for infinite combinations and, therefore, its final price can only be calculated after some of the stylistic parameters have been defined

To this end, Atmosfera Arredamento provides the possibility of making an appointment with an expert professional, who will guide you through the process of designing your own kitchen, considering your real needs, in terms of space as well. Each project will also take into account any spending budget set by the customer.

Atmosfera Arredamento not only works closely with expert architects and designers, but also collaborates directly with other leading companies in the field, with the end goal of satisfying every need and finding tailor-made solutions. The result will always be an exclusive modern kitchen, comfortable and in line with the latest design trends.

Modern kitchen furnishings

Once the style, materials and size have been determined, we move onto the design, and then to the internal rendering that uses 3D technology. In this way, the customer can visualize the project one step at a time and have a clear idea of what the end result will look like.This type of planning avoids possible mistakes at an early stage. Atmosfera Arredamento digital and realistic kitchen rendering will show the whole environment in detail.

This means that the customer can visualize what happens at each stage of the remodelling, and therefore verify in real time how various components, such as cabinets, modules, shelves, drawers, tables etc., are positioned. By making necessary corrections, the desired project will be completely mapped out even before purchasing the furniture.

Today, Atmosfera Arredamento offers a variety of cosmopolitan kitchens, which evoke international atmospheres, with a minimalist design that interprets the styles of the past in which nature and romanticism meet or embrace innovation. Creating the environment of your dreams that can subsequently be played with further won’t be difficult at all.

The interior design will also be meticulously prepared to obtain extra spaces, as for example for food storing, wine displaying, enjoying breakfast with the family or welcoming last-minute guests in the best possible way. The end goal is to implement a mix of refinement and modernity, and to design kitchens that will never look banal or predictable, and in which you will spend unique moments of relaxation. 

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