The most important space for our rest

The bedroom is the place where one is happy to retreat to at the end of a busy day, in order to restore the energies in a more peaceful dimension and enjoy the quiet that could not be found in daily activities. This is why the space we are going to create should be decidedly intimate and close to our inclinations, so that we can feel at ease every moment we spend in it.

For several years now, Atmosfera Arredamento has been creating design solutions perfectly tailored to specific needs of each customer, abandoning the standard production in favor of a decidedly personalized and unique approach. The end goal is to create a composition that reflects the personalities of its owners, by interspersing functional furniture with design objects, all in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. The pleasure of a good sleep shall not be exclusively physical; it starts from a mental well-being, which is possible only if the surrounding environment instills a sense of serenity and psychophysical balance.

Bedroom design solutions

Once you cross the threshold of the Atmosfera showroom, our competent and qualified staff will greet you and will immediately try to put you at ease, in order to better understand your specific desires and create the perfect bedroom tailored to your needs.

The consultancy does not end there, we also provide useful advice resulting from years and years of experience in the field, in order to create a custom solution that will meet individual design and functionality criteria.

All furniture elements proposed for the sleeping area feature decidedly elegant and refined lines, with a style that recalls modernity, yet doesn’t depart from that intimate and personal aspect that is typical of the brand’s philosophy. Particular attention is paid to the choice of materials, all of excellent quality and made with discreet finishes that stay aesthetically pleasing for a very long time.

The road is, therefore, clear for wood in all its forms, from the roughest to the most worked one. The colors used for the various compositions are rather neutral, so as not to be intrusive and tire the eye in the short or long term. Furnishings and accessories, such as mirrors of unusual sizes and shapes, might provide an additional touch of color to the room. 

The bed is manufactured according to the customer’s needs and desires, using soft and comfortable materials, such as velvet in shades of blue and teal, thus infusing the entire setting with mystery and elegance. Each element can be combined with others depending on the available space and customer’s indications, which always creates different scenarios while using visually simple and decidedly linear elements.

The prices are absolutely competitive and the wide range of products can satisfy all budgets without ever having to compromise on quality or durability over time.

The philosophy of the Showroom

The primary goal of Atmosfera Arredamento is to develop a relationship with customer based on empathy and trust, trying to present the world made of order and geometry, but also of comfort and intimacy, and seeking to integrate it within the interiority of each individual and his personal needs for the design of the most intimate space in the house.

Selecting bespoke furniture, precisely tailored to the customer’s needs, means making the client feel perfectly at ease in a design solution that is neither dull nor soulless, making him feel, through functional and captivating design, the nuances of his own soul.

It is, therefore, rather interesting to follow the development of the project at all its stages and comprehend the decisions taken during the process, which can make tangible what is only in the mind of the potential customer but what, at the same time, decisively deserves to be expressed.

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