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When the furniture in the living area creates the same static feeling year after year, when you realize that storage containers for everyday items are no longer enough, that’s when you know that the time has come to rely on the advice of our architects and designers, the experts in interior design. Often, only a small detail can completely transform your living area, enhancing its visual appeal and making it more comfortable. We suggest adding a sideboard, a piece of furniture that solves space problems and does it beautifully. With the help of our qualified staff, you will discover, for example, that sideboards are an excellent solution not only for the living room but also for the sleeping area. You will be thrilled to discover that it takes very little to give your home a touch of novelty, style and joy.

From the very beginning, our company, founded in 1894, made sure to keep pace with the times, in order to offer our customers innovative and cutting-edge solutions. The projects and furnishing solutions that we propose are always individually conceived and designed. We want to optimize beauty, quality and convenience in our customers’ homes.

Redesigning the spaces in the house, which at times could involve just a simple placement of a single piece of furniture, also presents a challenge for us and our experts. We are committed to give our best to satisfy each request. Under the guidance of architects and interior designers, put at the service of all those who would like to rely on our expertise, your home can acquire character, style, livability, and hospitality.

When the sideboard makes the difference

For those who want to add that extra touch of magic to both the living and the sleeping area of the home, without throwing the existing furniture into disbalance, interior designers suggest placing a sideboard. In its simplicity it is a very versatile element, created to solve many space problems: just adding the doors will make it an ideal storage space for all items that are used from time to time as well as for the items of everyday use, which thanks to the sideboard will find the right place.

For customers who love reading, the sideboard can be equipped with shelves to display the most beautiful books. Some sideboards, if requested by customers, can also feature drawers, useful for storing household linen. The use of sideboards does not stop at the convenience of having an extra storage space: their tops, in fact, represent a real additional resource.

The upper part of this piece of furniture becomes the ideal place to place a classy lamp, to illuminate the living room in the evening, so you can enjoy an intimate and warm atmosphere to share with your loved ones. Also the most beautiful flower boxes and ornaments look even more precious when displayed on the sideboard top. The sideboard can act as a support surface for the dishes, thus providing the much needed help for the host when receiving guests. Finally, what also makes sideboards original and unique is the possibility of choosing them according to the style of the existing furniture and in harmony with the hues of your home.

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