The philosophy of furniture

The living area of the house is strongly influenced by the selection of the sofa type, which plays a fundamental role both in terms of comfort and general aesthetics. For this reason, the selection of the most suitable model is particularly important. The right choice should bring the whole room together in a beautiful harmony and should be based on a careful analysis of all spaces and the surrounding style. Contacting field experts, such as courteous and experienced staff of Atmosfera Arredamento, is always the winning solution, as it allows you to thoroughly evaluate a number of hypotheses that otherwise you might have not even seen on your own and choose the solution that sounds the most appealing to you from every point of view.

All used materials are of excellent quality, and much like the finishes, indulge different design styles to satisfy any customer who gets in touch with our company looking for advice.

The aim is to sell a product that will be functional and enjoyable in the short and long term, allowing the customer to relish being home after a long day at work. Like all other furnishing items, the sofas too are selected and designed by the Atmosfera staff with extreme care and attention to detail, in an attempt to create different lines that best suit specific customer’s needs.

The refinement and purity of the element, decorated in a simple and unostentatious way, entirely unintrusive, yet impressive at the same time, is the newly emerging design aspect. 

The fabrics of great value resulting from the partnership with leading manufacturers in the field over many years renowned on national and international markets, contribute greatly to this end.

Each sofa is manufactured by the specialized personnel, who take care of the seams and all the finishes in a workmanlike manner, in order to propose a solution that can remain intact and beautiful over time. The staff includes architects and designers whose primary purpose consists of creating an original design, trying to satisfy each customer, and, at the same time, consulting him by virtue of their expertise gained directly in the field. One of the goals is also to inform the client about the latest trends and allow him to broaden his horizons taking into consideration the latest evolutions on the market.

For this reason, it is always advised to define all the details after carrying out a meticulous rendering, so that one can clearly see the result, even in cases when it would not be possible to materialize everything using the imagination.Seeing the sofa of your dreams realized on paper, as a mix of personal ideas and useful suggestions, is the best way to make a conscious and satisfying choice.

How to choose the perfect sofa for your home

When buying a sofa from Atmosfera Arredamento, the first thing to do is to evaluate the space that will accommodate it. Purchasing a model that might turn out to be too bulky for a small room, will further reduce the space and make it feel cluttered, creating an unsightly effect.

In this particular case, the green light should be given to a more compact furniture item that features a more original finish and appealing aesthetics as well as guarantees the functionality of space.

Larger spaces allow an interesting solution that includes a chaise longue that brings lounging comfort and unique class to any room. It facilitates conversation, simultaneously accommodating a lot of people and delimiting the dedicated area with style and class.

The second parameter to keep in mind is the style of the living room, as it is important that such a significant furniture element matches, or at least shares some aesthetic continuity with other items. However, some people might prefer creating a net contrast with the living room in order to emphasize the peculiarity and the quality of this object even more.

No matter your idea, one of the Atmosfera specialized experts will advise you and design the solution that will best suit your needs, making your dreams come true with the philosophy that loves reflecting the soul of the owners through the items of their home.The end goal is to reveal the interiority, through unique furniture items, truly custom made from every point of view, from material to shape, including best quality finishes.

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