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Atmosferaโ€™s kitchen and living room tables are unique pieces of furniture that provide spaces with a distinctive character, combining functionality and aesthetics.

The table is one of the most important pieces of furniture for your home, as it serves more than one purpose: for this reason, it should be chosen carefully, so that it matches the style of the room and the personal taste of the customer. We can offer you a wide range of tables of all sizes in a variety of shapes and styles, to best suit the specific needs and requests.

When choosing the right table, different parameters shall be taken into account: first of all the household size, but also whether or not youโ€™ll be using it to receive guests. The size is very important, just like the shape. Round, square, oval or rectangular, whatever your choice might be, it is essential that everything is perfectly in line with the design of the rest of the room.

In recent years, the round tables featuring minimalistic yet striking elements have been rediscovered. It is good to take into account that they are much more bulky than rectangular ones, for this reason it is necessary to carefully evaluate the size of the available space. Extendable option enables the accommodation of more people around it and represents another very important and above all functional feature.

Living room and kitchen tables with a refined design

When choosing your table, whether for the kitchen or for the living room, it is necessary to take into consideration all needs that itโ€™s to accommodate. Aside from its dining functions, tables are often used for placing a computer, studying or carrying out other activities. It is therefore essential to choose a table of the appropriate size, which will be functional and, at the same time, will feature refined design that will stay in line with the style of the house.

In order to eat comfortably and feel at ease, each person should be spaced about sixty centimeters away from each other. If you have enough available space in the room, we would suggest purchasing at least a six seater dining table, as it might be more functional for the future as well.

The last factor to consider is the tabletop: it can be made of different materials, all to be chosen according to your personal preferences and interior design style of the house. Glass top is certainly very elegant; wood is a classic material, perfect for more rustic environments.

Atmosfera offers a large catalogue of tables with a unique style, perfect for any situation or environment: living room, lounge or kitchen. You just have to pick one in accordance with your personal preferences and tastes. A team of experienced architects and designers will advise you and propose the right solutions to suit every need and requirement. Furthermore, it will be possible to draw up a list of individual requests for each customer and eventually create a bespoke furniture item, thanks to the possibility of making an appointment with the qualified personnel. Following the initial meeting, it will be possible to create an actual interior design layout, in order to present the complete project in all its particulars to the customer.

The choice of furniture is a sophisticated task that must be carried out with precision and great attention to detail: this is why relying on Atmosfera is the right choice that guarantees impeccable service at every stage of the creative process.

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